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Why are Nuzest products more expensive than other proteins?

At Nuzest, we use plant-based ingredients, the purest and most potent source of nutrition, to give you a powerful and well-balanced mix of essential vitamins and minerals. Our plant-based products are created with highly accredited natural health experts from across the world. And because we want to ensure they’re continually evolving, our formulas are regularly reviewed and improved, providing some of the best quality nutritional products on the market.  

Though you may find less expensive plant-based pea proteins, they do not have the same protein content or use the same patented process which isolates the protein from the Golden peas. Put simply, Nuzest is a brand centered around quality. We've invested a lot of time, effort, and expertise into delivering the highest quality products that make the most difference to people’s lives, at the best price – as sustainably as possible.


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