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What does Natural Flavors mean on your ingredient list?

The term “natural flavors” means that the natural product has been used to create the flavor. This does not mean that it is just the vanilla, fruit juice, etc., as there would not be enough intensity to make enough of an impact for flavoring. 

The flavors need to be extracted from a fruit or plant. For example, in our Smooth Vanilla, we use the vanilla bean and it's concentrated into a liquid form. To turn it into powder for use in flavoring dry products, it is then sprayed onto a carrier. In this case, the carrier is starch.

Some of the flavors use a hydrolyzed rice-based starch and others a non-GMO corn-based starch. Please note that we are not experts on this process. We purchase from highly reputable, industry-recognized companies with “certified” natural flavors, which also come free of soy, animal products, dairy, gluten, and GMOs.

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