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My Clean Lean Protein canister does not look full

We can assure you that our products always contain the stated weight on the label. While your tub may appear to be a low-fill, the weight of the product in the tub and the number of serves you receive are accurate, as our tubs are filled on a scale to ensure compliance.

While it appears we could package our products in smaller jars of lower heigh to make the product appear fuller, it is not practically possible due to the texture of the product which is quite “fluffy” and aerated during the initial filing on the production line. This means that the product initially reaches a much higher fill line. Over time, and as the fine powder begins to settle whilst sitting in the tub, the fill line lowers.

Subsequent handling and transport “shakes” the tub which allows the powder to further settle, thereby reducing the space it occupies. Perhaps a simple way to explain this is by thinking about when we fill a dry powdered product in a jar which we tap on a bench to settle, to increase the fill capacity.

As such, it is normal for our tubs to appear to be lower fill by the time it reaches the consumer, even if they are filled to the correct weight. 

Our tubs are all weighed when they are filled with protein to ensure that they are 17.6oz (500 grams) each. During transit, the powder can settle, but there should still be 20 servings or 17.6oz of powder in there. A full tub, that hasn’t been opened, weighs around 22 oz and so if no protein has been removed then it should still weigh roughly 22 oz. If you don’t have a kitchen scale, then the other way to tell is to scoop out all of the protein into a bowl using level scoops - there should be 40 scoops worth of protein in there.


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