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Exactly why are the sodium levels so high in Clean Lean Protein?

If you are curious about the sodium in Clean Lean Protein, you may find that our sodium content is higher than some other pea proteins on the market. The excess sodium comes from remnants of the natural, water-based isolation process that extracts the pure pea protein isolate from the peas.

Our products use Pisane® which is a high purity, pea protein isolate. Pisane® pea protein contains all the essential amino acids needed by adults. The sodium is used with water to split the amino acids from the pea and this is what results in slightly higher sodium content than some of the other pea proteins on the market.

The way we isolate the amino acids from the peas is completely free from harmful chemicals. There are no artificial additives or substances added at any stage of our manufacturing process to extract the pure pea protein isolate.



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